The Woman.

We are completion and perfection. We resonate with deep contemplation, inner-self, faith and spirituality, understanding of others, thoughtfulness, emotions, feelings, intuition and inner-knowing, the ability to bear hardships and endurance and perseverance. The most stressed, carefree, loving, moody, giving, happy, angry, confident, insecure strong and emotional being. We are expected to be strong and submissive at the same time. We have to be independent, but not so much that a man feel’s useless. We can’t make more money than a man but if we don’t, we are most certainly gold diggers. We have to come ready and willing to cook, clean, stay at home and not go out while we wait on our man to come from entertaining the women who doesn’t know how to cook but its ok because he took her to breakfast after they left the club. We are expected to be good women and wait on men who aren’t ready for us to get all of their hoeing and cheating and partying and bullshitting out of their system. We have to go to college for the same amount of time, the same cost and be overachievers just to be paid significantly less than an underqualified male. But when we complain about not being treated fairly, we are whining and emotional…or PMSing. Speaking of PMS, we have to be bloated, bleeding and cramping for 3-7 days straight and still smile, put on makeup, be fashionable, cook, clean and go to work and we don’t complain or say anything because it’s so disgusting to men when we are on our periods. We love our men so we try to change ourselves and live up to what men want. So some of us alter our bodies, wear fake hair and makeup then go judge the women who have small booties, natural hair and wear their natural skin more often. Only to have men complain that they don’t like girls who wear makeup and fake hair or disregard the changes we made for them and go be with someone who was everything they said they didn’t want. Then when we are hurt and used up and bitter and angry and tired from being mildly, mentally abused, we don’t get apologies, but we do get called “hoe’s”, “bitches”, “thots” because we finally see that men just aren’t worth what we had to offer. So we become the woman that men cheat on us with or compare us to and the cycle perpetuates.


The Black Woman.

Everything the woman goes through, but we have to be black while doing it. Oh, and being black is a reason why we act exactly like “The Woman” but no one sees the similarities because we are black and we’re just mad because we are black and not over slavery or whatever other justifiable argument or example of blatant racism that angers us and makes us feel mistreated. Oh, and we can’t be BLACK feminists, because in this country ALL women have the same struggle and if your Feminism isn’t intersectional it doesn’t count. But neither did our votes when women were granted the right to vote…but not black women.

So I guess I’m just another angry black woman complaining now. But why can’t I just be a woman complaining. Actually, why do I even have to be complaining? Why can’t I just be “saying”?

Erika KingComment