Every relationship has those rites of passage moments that test the true extent of your "like" or "love" for one another. Those most embarrassing moments that you can hardly even tell your best friends about because it actually is...THAT bad. Those terrifying moments when neither of you knows what to say or you feel awkward even hours after it happened.  Like.." I wonder if he's still thinking about it.." Well, I wish I had solutions for these moments, but I don't. But as they occur you will find that they actually make you grow a little closer to each other.

1. Unexpected Mother Nature visit - Imagine sleeping peacefully all cuddled up against your love only to get up and go to the bathroom and see the dreaded red spot! Don't try to hide it, just tell him. If he's a jerk he will get mad. If he's the one or just a good guy, he will realize that it does wash out and you didn't do it on purpose! Plus you're a woman so unless he's 12 and grossed out he has to understand that's kind of a part of our anatomy.

2. Farting - You know those really great conversations you have with your partner? The one's that make you laugh and laugh and accidentally fart?  Then, your partner hears it, stares at you and laughs harder because for someone reason its soooo funny that you farted. Woo-hoo, like they've never heard a fart before.  Meanwhile you're embarrassed and mentally cursing out your butt. Or when you're getting some great sleep and you just....fart...lol..I've never done this by the way!

3. I Woke Up Like This - You know that mascara/eyeliner that you didn't completely get off the night before and now it's gone from Glam to raccoon overnight! Or you hair wild, crazy and tangled. Let us not forget morning breath! But alas! I have the cure. You can be both cute and mask morning breath all in one super smooth motion. While you're laying face to face to bae, cover you're mouth with the cover and then take a part of the cover and cover his mouth. Continue your regular conversation until you decide to brush your teeth or go back to sleep.

4. But have you ever drooled on your partner? Yea, I have. I apologize and go back to sleep. Lol.

5. ACCIDENTAL PERIOD SEX!!!! No, god, why??? I wonder if guys even believe women when we say "I wasn't supposed to have my period for another week!!" Some of y'all be lying though.....

6. Doing nothing all day and enjoying it!

7.Burning/ Messing up Dinner - The first time you cook for Bae, you always to try some extra fancy stuff you've never tried before! Have a seat Ayesha Curry,Paula Dean, Rachael Ray. You're actually a good cook and the universe was just conspiring against you to make you look lame!

8. Alcoholic Gluttony- When you've had a little too much to drink and you A. throw up everywhere B. Don't remember anything or C. Both! Keep your drunken apologies, just be embarrassed and hungover the next day! 

9. Having each other's back's - No we aren't all rich like Bey and Jay....But in those dire times of need financially and emotionally it feels so good to have someone to count on. It feels even better when its the one you love.

10. Meeting the parents - Definitely a nerve wrecker! The only advice I have for this is....be yourself. Its easy and mothers have a keen sense for fakeness.

While all of these moments are either embarrassing or true tests of your bond, each thing brings you closer. When someone love syou unconditionally, these things don't matter. What are some monumental moments that occur in your relationships? I'm sure there are more than ten! Let me know! Email me at Erika@imerikaking.com, follow my instagram @imerikaking or leave a comment!

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