How many times have you said “I don’t care” or hashtagged “unbothered” on your Instagram photos to send a subliminal message that you don’t care about a situation? How many times have you honestly not cared or been unbothered? Not many, right? “Just dealing” with a situation is not being unbothered, it is a result of the thick skin we have developed from being…bothered.  There is no single, foolproof way to manage stressful people and situations but don’t worry! I have some tips to help you avoid stress and manage a positive and healthy social life.

Let It Out

Talk about what is getting on your nerves. Holding in your problems only hurts you. If directly addressing your problem will cause more stress, vent to your bestie or significant other. Keeping a journal is a great way to organize your thoughts and talk out your problems.

Have a Good Friend

You should always have that one good friend who you can talk to about anything. Someone you can confide in that won’t judge you. We all have that one person who is the gatekeeper to all of your secrets!

Keep Your Business, YOUR Business

Lately, as I’ve been socializing more, I come across people who just volunteer all of their personal business to me. Like we have been friends for more than 5 minutes. I think that when people share personal information about themselves to just anyone they 1) really need someone to talk to or 2) think that is builds a sense of secure in the budding friendship. Well, with me, it just makes me wary about sharing anything private with you. Just remember, if you aren’t dating someone, best friends or family, only tell them what they need to know.

Ignore Outsiders

In the age of social media, people feel like following each other on Instagram or making a cameo in your snap makes you friends. People will also try to pick apart your life that they know nothing about. Therefore, making them feel entitled to comment or assume thing about your life. Well, it doesn’t. Ignore these people. These are not YOUR people and you don’t owe them any explanation. I use to get so bothered by rumors and feel compelled to defend myself against them. When you truly know yourself, your purpose and the truth…keep it moving.

Keep Your Personal Life…Personal!

Now you can post your boyfriend or the dates you go on. You can also post pictures of your food. But the argument that you and bae had the other day, not so much. Keep somethings to yourself. The less you give people to talk about, the more peace and freedom you have. It its public, it’s not private!

Do You!

If you are my friend, you know that when any BS arises…I always say, you only have one life and you can’t go back and relive any of it. Do what makes you happy. Live for yourself. Love yourself. You should even treat yourself and date yourself! You are all that you have in the end. Do what makes you happy.







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