Product Development & Planning

So you've created you product? Well, what's next? A Product planning and development 1:1 coaching call is next! We will go over every single tedious detail to help you be profitable more quickly and to make marketing, pricing and planning less of a headache!


The Product

Now that you've got your product created, it's time to finalize the details. Taking the extra step to ensure that your customers experience with your product is a good one will do wonders for your brand! During this call we will go over:

  • Legalities
  • Product Proposition
  • Customer Experience
  • Product Development (packaging, description, documentation)


After you've finalized all of your product details, its time to promote your product! A well thought out and organized Promotion and Marketing strategy will ensure that you are not overwhelmed with your product launch and that people know about your product and where they can purchase it. During this call we will cover:

  • Press Release
  • Product Launch
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Lead Generation
  • Internal Product Communications
  • Collateral
  • Demo
  • Visuals

Pricing & Plans

Finally! What is your product worth? This depends a lot on how you promote your product and the quality of your product. What are your competitors selling this product for? Which pricing strategy will you use when establishing costs? Are your profit margins profitable? When will your product launch? Is your launch plan developed? What are your marketing plans post-launch?