Personal Branding

What is your personal brand? Did you recently graduate college and are trying to figure what's next? Are you currently or aspiring to be a social media influencer or blogger and are still undecided about what direction to take your brand? Do you wish to do public speaking? Is you business aligned with who you are as person?


What we do

In  60-day this program, we will work together to find our your "it factor" or your purpose. We will help you develop a branding strategy, business model and gain clarity on what you  are meant to do. You will get four  1:1 coaching sessions with our CEO, Erika King and two introduction and exit sessions  for your introduction and exit sessions. We will help you to develop a meaningful network of like-minded people and help you build your professional confidence through a series of activities. There will be homework! No, not the 10th grade chemistry kind! This homework will be fun. We will give you exercises that will always have you consistently working towards your goals, building your brand and growing your business. A habit you will be glad to develop.

Support areas

  • Interview Prep
  • Network Outreach Plan Development
  • Negotiation Your Price
  • Personal Pitch Development
  • Confidence Building Strategies
  • Purpose Declaration and Brand Clarity
  • Resume and Press Kit Creation
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Content Creation Strategy
  • Brand Monetization

What do you Get

The goal is for your to remain inspired. Not just be inspired for a little while. When you finish your amazing 60 days with me you will have a personalized brand statement.  I will give you email templates to use when pitching yourself. You will have scripts to use for networking events. All of your social media pages will have a strong brand presence and total makeover. You will also be featured on my blog! But most importantly you will have a CLEAR understanding of what you want to do and how to do it! Oh,, and of course how to make money doing it!

Are you ready to act BRAND new?