No. 7 Becoming a Better WOMAN

I was going to waste my precious time writing about "Why Men Cheat". I decided not to because crappy men get way too much airtime and the last time I checked, unless you are being held at gunpoint you made a conscious decision, under no duress, to commit an act of infidelity. So men (and women) cheat because they want to. The guilt and all that comes later, but before all of those negative feelings, they wanted to do it and liked the idea. Now onto the REAL BLOG POST!

 LUCKY NUMBER 7!  The number 7 is the number of completion and perfection. It resonates with deep contemplation, inner-self, faith and spirituality, religion, understanding of others, thoughtfulness, emotions, intuition and inner-knowing, the ability to bear hardships, endurance and perseverance, emotions and feelings. Sooo...its only fitting that my 7th blog post be about WOMEN and a few ways we can master the privilege of being the amazing being known as "WOMAN".

1. Be yourself, for yourself.

Do you remember playing house as kid? The best part about "house" was the pretend cooking, taking care of the baby, the fake grocery store shopping. The gross, ickiest most avoided part was the husband. We were so happy playing house and doing the things that made us happy, without a man. So what changed?  Well hormones and all that happened, but mental conditioning to please everyone but oWe have always been taught to be ourselves, but to an extent. It's like people were like "Hey! Be yourself but follow all these rules on what exactly you're supposed to do". How many women feel pressured by trying to live up to be this perfect, independent but submissive, happy, housewife, CEO, beauty queen, mom, sister, chef, fitness guru who cleans the house in high heels, is witty and funny, sensitive but not too sensitive, clingy but distant and able to maintain a size two dress size and act like life is great even when she has her period? Has anybody ever met this chick? Because..ummm...idk her. She's a robot. She's not a real woman and if you do meet her, she probably cries at night in her closet with the door shut. I want to be the woman who says vulgar things. The woman who might go sit in the car and take off her bra on her lunch break. The woman who drives down the road yelling because she has cramps but everyone thinks she singing. The woman who farts while watching a movie with her boyfriend. The women who wears boxers and listens to trap music, and knows all the words. The woman who is not afraid to speak HER mind. Not the mind we;ve been trained to have but her mind. The woman who can not only compliment other women, but also take a compliment and not think she was trying to be "funny". The woman who doesnt pretend she cant remember where she got her shirt from -_-. Sidebar: All you women who act like you dont remember where you bought those cute shoes...SUCK!! I know where I bought my first pair of heels 10-15 years ago, so you know where you bought that shirt last month. Moving on, just be yourself and dont apologize for it.

2. Be a Feminist

No, Feminist are bitter women who have been mistreated by men. No, Feminist are not  women who don't shave their legs and go sans tampon and pad when they have their period. No, feminist are not all lesbians. No, feminist are not all female. No, feminists are not anti-man. You know, people are so insensitively sensitive about people who speak about social and gender injustices and discrimination it irks me! True feminist uplift and empower everyone but especially WOMEN! All Women. Not just the women who make six figures, but all women. From Chiraq to Beverly Hills. We want all women to be treated equally and men too.

3. Love Yourself

Love Yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other women. There is only one you...Not even twins come out of their mother at the exact same time, so there is no one else like you. So stop comparing. Date yourself and fall in love with yourself  Love your mind so exercise it and expand it. Read a book, have meaningful conversations, do crossword puzzles, learn as much as possible, don't be a lazy thinker,. Love your body. Exercise, eat healthy, moisturize and cleanse, get massages, drink plenty of water. Love your Heart. Forgive others and yourself, love others and yourself, care about others and yourself, laugh more and cry less, protect your heart from predators. Don't let others treat you in ways that you would not treat yourself. Would you cheat on you? Would you hit you? Would you hurt you? Would you use you? Well, why let someone else do it? Love Yourself.

4. Realize that Men Don't Run This... We do.

Men have mastered the ability to make us doubt ourselves and our power. And we call them stupid? Yea, they play stupid but they aren't stupid. They have mastered how to play on our emotions and use them against us. This is historically true. If you want examples, go read some history books. Men are not evil or wrong for this. That's their survival tactic. We are wrong for letting them do this. If you learn to Love Yourself (Step 3) then this step will be easy to master. Realize your power

5. Take Your Own Advice

So. don't let my blog post guide all your life decisions! You know how you read a good article or blog post or book and you feel empowered so you immediately start to implement the rules you learned into your life and you only last a few minutes or days if your lucky? Do not do that. These are my opinions. I don't know it all, as I've stated in my previous post. I didn't write the book on this. Women are equipped with this crazy thing called Intuition, use it. You can sense when things aren't right and if you are honest with yourself your intuition will warn you about you too. Take your own advice. Seek advice from other for guidance and reference not decisions. 

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