No. 3 Love God Herself.

When Beyonce said it, I was almost uncomfortable with the phrase, "Love God Herself".  But why? I would not have been uncomfortable had she said "Love God" or "Love God Himself" Aren't we all created in HIS image though? Even women, right? And who are we to personify God as a man only. God (or whichever Supreme Being you worship) is ALL things is what we are taught. That means that God is not just a man. God is the ocean, the sky, the sun, the moon and the mountains. God is man, woman and child. God is love, happiness and faith.  So I am right in empowering myself and every other woman by saying, Love God Herself. Why is this so controversial? Why is it that, as a woman, I'm expected to not be able to do certain things, or to do them as well as a man would? Why would this statement offend someone?  

I embrace the privilege of being born as a woman. I am so versatile and powerful. I can be a fighter and a lover. I can be weak and strong. I can cry and laugh, freely. I can wear my heels high or low. I can be sexy or choose to veil my sexy. I can end a war...or start one. I can cook, clean and run multiple businesses simultaneously. I can lead and still follow. I can sway the hearts and minds of powerful men and uplift weak ones. I can do things just as good as he can.

So, I cant apologize for my confidence anymore. I'm not apologizing for my successes or my failures. 

Dear Woman,

There is NOTHING that you cant do. 


Erika King

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