No. 10 Dear Men....

I write a lot of pro woman thoughts on here. That does not mean I am an anti-man though. I guess I just need more experience with good ones than bad ones for me to build a strong will to advocate for the goodness of men. If you've been offended by my pro women posts, as a man, you're probably who I am talking about. But moving on, there are a lot of you men who have been hurt by bad women. Well, let me not say bad women, but women who were not prepared for a relationship with you. You have a lot to do with the kind of women you attract though. Sooo. its kind of your fault...not completely but the things you do and say have a lot to do wit the kind of women in your life.

You guys always want a girl that stays home, cooks dinner, washes dishes, washes and folds clothes, is the bomb in bed, loves museums and libraries and has friends who like to do the same things. You want her to have a good job, her own money, dreams and aspirations. You want her to motivate you and support you. You want her to be educated and beautiful. You want her to be able to look good in sweatpants, a suit and a sexy dress. Have good conversation. Teach you new things. Be loving, trusting and secure in your relationship. Sounds like you basically want me.... Lol just kidding and no that was not an invitation. But you want this great girl and you don't stop to think if you are ready for that type of woman. Are you staying home while she cooks dinner so you can help wash the dishes? If she washes the clothes are you there to help fold them? While she's at home reading a good book, where are you? Even though she has her own money and a good job, are you still doing things for her, surprising her with the little things? Women like to feel appreciated, especially if they are meeting all those requirements you have. If she looks good in everything from Timberland boots to six inch heels , are you keeping your body up the same way? Do you motivate and support her? Do you do things that would make her feel insecure? And DO NOT ACT LIKE you don't know what  I'm talking about. You cant be out here complimenting every woman, spending more time with your home girls than your girl, don't single guy shit. Period. If you wouldn't want her to do it, then you don't do it either.

Now, what are you doing to attract your dream girl? Yes, this is a real question? Certain behaviors attract certain kinds of women. Stuntin and ballin', poppin bottles in the club with the super lit probably NOT going to attract the woman we talked about earlier. I'm not saying avoid the club or partying and having fun, but be careful. These women are scandalous. If you appear to have "things" some women will pretend to be that girl we talked about earlier, until she traps you with a baby or gets whatever it is she wanted to use you for in the first place. Just bring real.

Women are smarter than you guys. Dangerously smarter. Women will cry, complain and act crazy over things you do and she is probably doing the same things or worse. I've seen it happen, many times. Look for a woman who will absolutely NOT deal with your shit. She is probably the one who is the most loyal and true to you. Some women deal with being cheated on or whatever other wrong thing you do because they are doing the same thing or worse. Or they NEED something from you that they can't yet do for themselves, but that's another blog post. 

Back on subject, it is absolutely not hard to attract your dream girl. Prepare yourself for her emotionally, physically and financially. You don't have to be rich but make sure you have something to offer. Even if it's McDonald's. Be good. When you meet her, if its worth it, get rid of your hoes. Don't have her out there looking stupid. Be honest. Communicate. Make her WANT to do all those things for you that you love by doing things for her that she loves. Compliment her. Ask her how her day was. Take 20 minutes out your day and just talk to your girl and see how much better your relationship will be. Get to know her. Don't focus on her flaws. She knows she has flaws. Be there for her. Support her. If you are a good to woman her natural reaction is to even better to you. 💋💋

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