After being with the same person for some time, of course it can get boring. Love is not just a feeling but it's a commitment. A commitment to consistency, loyalty, and respect. You have to work hard at it and make it interesting.  The feeling of being in love transitions from the"crush" stage where you get butterflies from anxiously anticipate   seeing that special person to the butterflies you get when you think about not having that person in your life. The commitment to love is the hard part. The work. It's what keeps you faithful. It's what help you overcome temptations. It is trust. It is honesty. It is letting down your guards and letting someone come deeply into you. People tend to quit love when it stops being fun. When they stop getting those butterflies. When they get used to someone. It takes a lot of strength to be in love. When you have a deep love for someone in you, you exude energies that are attractive to everyone. Especially those who don't have love like you have. If you want someone to be committed to you, to love you unconditionally, accept all your flaws, your past, crazy exes and bad habits then you have to be willing to be and give all of that to someone. Love is not just take, take, take. It's more give, give, give. When you feel like you're competing with the person you love to see who loves whom the most, or who can make the other smile or laugh the most, you're doing it right. Love them through their attitudes and when they are being a difficult. Love them when it's hard and you have to put your pride aside because you just want them to be happy.

When you think of the kind of person you want to fall in love with, ask yourself if you're ready for all that you are asking for. What qualities does this person possess? Are you able to give what that person can give you? Are you deserving of it? What do you bring to the table other than material or monetary value? How deep are you really?

We all want to meet someone, never argue, always laugh, be happy and ride off into the sunset to a perfect life. That shit isn't real. This is not a cheesy love story.  This isn't scripted. You can't practice this. You really can't even learn how to play or master this game. You just have to do it and do it right. Be guided by your heart not your experiences. Work for it. Express it. And most of all, love it.

Erika King