strategy with you in mind

As business development consultants, we are responsible for helping you to identify your business weaknesses and challenges and determine relevant solutions. WE implement strategies and tactics specifically designed to propel your business forward and increase you profits while reducing your losses. We create long term value for your business from customer, markets and relationships.


What we can do

  • Monitor and analyze current market conditions

  • Initiate strategies to make steady profits.

  • Monitor, review and analyze strategies in marketing, sales, advertising and other fields of operations.

  • Time management and team building.

  • Create strategies to generate business.

  • Develop and prepare presentations for your prospective clients.

  • Follow up regular meetings with both active and prospective clients.

  • Create and update client profiles.

  • Initiate plans for your  to achieve profits and reduce losses.

  • Design and develop products, services and tools for client companies.

how we do it

Well, we really just get all in your business, literally. By evaluating your:

  • Current marketing strategy/platforms

  • Comprehensive Brand Evaluation

  • Profit/Loss Management

  • Product/Service Evaluation

  • Target Audience

  • Sales Tactics

  • much more

business development services

Business Plan Creation | Business Registration | Market Research | Custom Marketing Plans| Pricing Strategies | Website Creation | Process Improvement | Systems Development | Automation | Marketing Strategies | Brand Management




Perfect for startup business owners seeking direction and strategy implementation.

1:1 Business Strategy Call | One (1) Complete Business Plan | One (1) Marketing Strategy Plan / Sales Funnel Strategy | Two (2) 30-minute Coaching Call | 3-month business to-do list | Short Term Action Plan | Pricing Plan |



Perfect for established business owner who need to revamp or update their existing business processes.

Two (2) 1:1 Business Strategy Call | One (1) Marketing Strategy Plan / Profit/Loss Report | Sales Funnel Strategy | Two (2) 30-minute Coaching Call | 3-month business to-do list | 30 days of unlimited Email support | Long Term & Short Term Action Plan | Product/Service Development Checklist | Pricing Plan | Branded Office Forms | Business Proposal/Deck based on products and services provided | Website Evaluation/ Update of Embedded Software and Applications, Branding and Content

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