Brand Strategy Session

Brand clarity is simply understanding the who, what , when, where and why of your brand. Who is our target audience? What  sets you apart from your competition? What is you brand story? During our 1:1 coaching calls we will help you answer all of these questions and more.



When speaking about what you do and who are you...and why you do will exude more confidence if you know what to say. Understanding your brand's message will help you clearly define your purpose, making developing your pitch easy and simple. Pitching yourself takes practice and a little bit of guidance but our system will make it much easier!


Working together

The key to a solid brand message is making sure that all components of your brand work together.  Everything from your design to your strategy to your customers experience should all work together.  To find clarity we must first define your brand's values, story, personality, target audience and positioning. Then we will work to make sure the message is conveyed on all of your marketing platforms.


Brand Story


Your brand story is a key component when enhancing your brand's message. What is the story behind your brand? Where does you brand come from? Your brand story helps the customer to understand why they should buy products and services from you and not someone else.