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On January 5th, 2018 at 11:37 am I realized I had my purpose, my vision and my plan ALL the way f*#%ed up! I was trying to keep up with everyone else and be like everyone else and it was stressing me out! Now I know you're reading this like "YOU?!? Erika?? Really?" Yes, me. Yes, Erika. Yes I was taking some self induced blows to my business confidence and my ego. I was losing focus and inspiration because I was not actively doing what I said I was going to do. I was doing what I felt like other people needed to see me doing in order to look successful. I was really discouraged because I didn't have as many followers as other women in my industry. I didn't even want to work on my business. I had to detox my life, my circle and my timeline of all of the things that were toxic to my growth and my confidence. The version of real that people portrayed was making me feel like I wasn’t adequate enough or working hard enough because they made six figures from their businesses already. The most critical thing I need to change was my mindset. I ultimately was the becoming the person I needed to let go of in order to grow. I was even starting to hate my job! I work for the number one chemical company in the world. (Yes, I earned this and I will hype me up! LOL) I prayed for this job and I can still feel the sense of accomplishment I felt when I got the job offer 30 minutes after my interview and here I was letting Instagram make me feel like I wasn't doing enough. I needed to refocus. My goal is not to be on vacation HAVING & NEEDING to work and take calls because I’m an entrepreneur and my business is my sole source of income. That does not illustrate freedom, maybe poor productivity and time management skills. I want to create the work life that I love but sometimes I might actually need a vacation from because that’s HEALTHY!  I really had to check myself. I never want to keep it so “real” that I’m discouraging people to do their dream their way,  making them feel like my way is the best and only way, and then becoming the reason they quit because I'm not giving them the answers or the help they need! This was all too much.


What did my WTF moment teach me?


  • My "it" factor is NOT for anyone else to pick apart. It's what makes me...me.
  • I cannot and WILL not compare, where I do not compete. Meaning, I am not in competition with anyone. A big part of my brand is collaboration. So, I can't preach collaboration and be in secret competition with other people and feeling defeated when they win.
  • If I love my corporate job and my business, it doesn't make me any less of an entrepreneur.
  • My way WILL work for me. It may ONLY work for me. But that's cool. If it worked for everyone, my way wouldn't be my way, would it?
  • Stop letting the internet rush me. There's a reason that the internet is not a credible source when it comes to doing research or trying to find facts. It is full of opinions and what people decide to share with you. Image is everything, perception is power and reality is fact. Focusing on my reality will take me further than focusing on someone else's.
  • I want to help aspiring business owners and current business owners develop their businesses. I can do that with 1 follower or 1,000 followers.
  • I need to use MY platform MY way and I will attract the people that I am supposed to attract tp MY business.
  • I am not a business coach – so why am I acting like one and feeling like I’m failing at being one?
  • I should stop attending networking events and following empowerment brands that leave me feeling like I'm not doing enough. Why pay to be discouraged? I need to be more INTENTIONAL about finding my tribe. If it looks good, but doesn't feel good, it is not for me.
  • I don't need to focus, I need to refocus. I need to refocus my time, energy and goals. Doing this will require me to not lose focus of my distractions, but realize that they are distractions and not my goals and desires. I need to refocus that energy, not lose focus, and put it towards the things that really matter to me and are pertinent to my goals. Get it? In short, I need to evenly unlearn/unfollow bad habits and distractions and replace them with good practices and goals.


I AM NOT A BUSINESS COACH! Well, at least that’s not my goal with my business. I’m a consultant!


Once I understood exactly what role I play in my business and what I am supposed to be doing, I was able to more clearly outline what I like to do.

  • I'm really good at planning and strategizing in business. I'm more technical than creative so I can use my logical thinking to make hard problems really easy and ironically find simple and creative solution to marketing and branding struggles,so I created a Brand Strategy Session that clients can book and when finish have an entire complete branding and marketing strategy for their business.
  • I'm excellent at helping people grow their networks and find tools and services that they need outside of me to use in their business activities. I am also really passionate about collaborating with others and networking effectively, so I created Business & Brunch.
  • I love writing business plans, so I now offer Business Plan Creation as a service.
  • I am really good at math and calculating cost effective ways to generate revenue and high profits. I also understand all of the steps that go into developing a product/service and pricing it correctly so that you see the highest return, so I created a Product Development & Planning service.

And the list goes on!

Sometimes you have to sit back and refocus and TAKE YOUR TIME! What are you rushing for? No matter how fast you rush or move, things happen when they are SUPPOSED to happen, not when you want them to. #GodsPlan




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