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 Choosing, Managing & Developing Your Team

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we tend to try to do everything ourselves. Sometimes, we think that it is too expensive to hire team members or we don’t want the hassle and time consuming job of finding and managing a team. Some of us don’t know exactly what a team is. For whatever reason or excuse we use to not form a team, we need to understand that we need help!! So if you’re tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed, crying when things don’t work out, overworking yourself, binging on coffee 8 days a week, not getting results and mismanaging your business…. keep reading.

You Don’t Have to Do it ALL!

Teams will help to ease the burden and the stress of complex tasks. You can’t manage growth and every task all on your own and that’s ok! As business owners, we need support and guidance of other’s to help us excel at the things we do! Teams help us leverage skills beyond our capacity or that don’t generate enough income to take away time from our high income generating tasks. A team improves your work processes and removes you as the “thing” setting you behind or holding you back. Teams bring in additional perspectives and points of view and/or give you ideas to more effectively use what you’ve already got. Teams also challenge you because they expect you to do your best and push you.

Choosing Your Team

When I was looking for an assistant I had a list of different things I was looking for. Most of them were character-based traits. It is important that I actually, personally like my assistant because we will work 1-on-1 A LOT! I can teach hard skills how to draft business proposals, design a website and create a contract. But soft skills like honesty, integrity, hard work ethic, willingness to learn, a team player mentality and a great attitude are a little bit harder to instill into someone. Find out what is important to you and stick to it.

Managing Your Team

Your job as an effective leader is to delegate and manage, not micro manage. The team is there to make your life easier, not for you to babysit them. As a leader of your team, you should be more of a mentor than a boss. Your team will follow your lead and do as you do so always be a great example.  You have to understand what motivates each person and ensure that everyone willingly participates in achieving the ultimate goal. All of your team members should receive the same information. Your team members should know what your other team members are working on. The team should also exercise confidentiality. Don’t communicate shortcomings of some team members to other team members. This will eliminate the drama! As the team manager you have to create an environment that is fun and comfortable for your team and you will get the most out of your team in return.

Develop Your Team

Make sure that you are providing a wealth of knowledge, opportunities and offering your team with some amazing experiences. Challenge your team to learn and be the best. No one wants to sit and do an easy, not motivating job. Your job as a leader is to make sure your members are benefiting professionally and personally from working with you and that they are growing and developing professionally with your business. Encourage your team to do more and chase better opportunities as well. Attend networking events, conferences and classes with your team. I try to attend as many events as I can with my assistant and teach her to build strong business relationships outside of her working with my company. It is really important that I also help her grow her business so I try to be just as helpful to her as she is to me! 

You can find team members by posting job ads or by simply contacting your local college/university and letting them know that you are looking for interns. Finding a team is much easier than becoming burnout because your want to DIY! Build a team and watch your business pick up momentum and allow you to give your energy to things in your business that matter.


All the best,

Erika King


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