The Equation for Success!

What if I told you that there is, in fact, not theory, an equation or a blueprint to achieving your goals? What if I told you it was free? My goal through my businesses, my career, my friendships and my interactions is to make each person feel like they can achieve and obtain EVERYTHING they desire. I love to support and pour into everyone, especially my fellow sisters in business, who is driving toward living in their purpose. I have read book after book, attended seminar after seminar and enrolled in e-course after e-course and I’ve learned a few things that the instructors, speakers and authors all have in common. They all understand and make being successful look simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. How, you ask? By following these simple steps.

What’s Your Dream?

What drives you? What levels do you want to reach and surpass? What do you love to do? Who are you?  The first step to achieving your goals, is defining you dreams. A dream with a deadline is a goal. What do you feel like you are purposed to do. I’ll admit, my purpose has changed about four or five times throughout my career. That is only because I was entering different seasons in my life. It’s ok for your dreams to change as you achieve certain things or realize that some things aren’t meant for you. That’s called growth. But right now, what’s your purpose and what can you do to manifest it?


Set Some Goals

Now that you’ve defined you dream, give it an achievement date. When do you want to reach new this new level? They key to successfully achieving your goals is to break them down into smaller attainable parts.

Devise a Plan and Get to Work

Now that you have some goals, how will you achieve them? Create a plan or a strategy? Try using my Simple Business Plan template to walk you through the process. How will you turn your purpose into profit? What do you have to offer that people will want to pay for? Once you’ve figured that out, get to work!


A Dream + Goals + A Plan x Hard Work = Success

The sooner you understand the simplicity of manifesting your dreams, the sooner you will reach them.  We all serve a purpose in this world, what is yours?

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