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There’s more to a business than slapping your logo on a pre-made product or putting together a service then selling it. You have to outline your goals in order to know how to reach them. Having a clear understanding will allow you to maneuver through issues and changes that will arise in your business. t helps you track and manage where you are going and how much progress (or not) that you have made with your business.


Not to get all spiritual, but in the spirit of being spiritual, writing down what you want to do is the key to manifestation. There’s something about seeing what you are a capable of doing on paper that will motivate you so much more. I attended a private dinner and networking event with Mike (my beau) and Bryan-Michael Cox said he wrote down what he wanted to do when he was in FOURTH GRADE. His mom created an environment for him to be surrounded by music and now he’s 9x Grammy award winning songwriter! Writing your goals and how you want to achieve them (a business plan) breeds creativity within you. You clear some mental RAM and you are able to come up with solutions to problems like financing your business or executing all of the ideas you have. You also put the energy out there and become a magnet for the things that you want in life.


When I wrote down my idea, I thought of a few people I could align my dream with because now I fully understood what I wanted. At first, I tried to bring my friend along but they didn’t understand the vision or wanted to alter the vision so that didn’t work.  I knew that in order to achieve my goal more quickly, my plan would have to include collaboration and team building. So I began networking and doing research on people who were doing what I wanted to do and started to reach out to them. Remember I said you will become a magnet for the things you want if you put yourself out there? It’s true. I began to meet people who could support my vision and become clients and people I could collaborate and work with!

Many modern day business owners don’t write business plans because it has been deemed useless by investors and banks. But it is much needed to act a guide and a reference of the things you want to do. It will keep you focused and motivated and it will draw you into success. All you haVe to do is the work!



Erika King

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