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The idea of saying you have an assistant or interns as a business owner is exciting. Since most of us crazy entrepreneurs come from an environment where we worked for someone else, it’s kind of exciting to be your own boss and someone else’s. But relax, save your money and pump the breaks on hiring someone in the early stages of your business.

When you hire someone you take on yet another financial burden. You have to be able to afford someone to help you. I made this mistake early on when I launched my business. I had all of these ideas and wanted to hire people (and I did) but I didn’t have much for them to do. I had just started my business and I wasn’t as busy as I thought I was. I quickly had to reevaluate my time management and pick up some good productivity habits. I was paying someone and I wasn’t even making money!

Hire someone after you’ve started making money.  HIRE AFTER GROWTH! The point of hiring someone is to free up time allowing you to have the bandwidth to focus on revenue driven tasks. An employee should never just be an expense, but an asset to your company. Take some time and write down exactly what you need completed and then compare that to your to-do lists and your calendar. I’m sure you can find some time to complete your tasks.

You should not hire someone just because you don’t feel like doing something. That kind of mindset is not the mindset of a successful business owner!

Finally if you do require help sometimes, a few options are:

  • Part Time Virtual Assistant
  • Intern
  • Recruit a Friend/Sibling/Significant Other

Save your money and be honest with yourself about your workload and how hard you work to get things done. Research cost effective ways to receive assistance and good luck!



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