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Where the cash at? (just kidding..) But no, really. Where is your money? Learning the difference between things that will make you money and things that don’t make you money is a skill. Not everyone possesses it but I am here to teach you because I’ve made this mistake many times and I still do. FOCUS ON WHAT IS/WILL MAKE YOU MONEY! There are a lot of tasks that attract money and there are tasks that bring in revenue. You need to know the difference and delegate your time accordingly.

Social Media

Don’t waste time scrolling and liking on Instagram all day, saving screenshots and reposting all day. Outsource. Hire a social media manager to do that for you. They can like photos on your timeline, like photos on accounts and hashtags you identify. Follow people that meet the requirements of your target audience and save you about 2 hours a day. For the most part, you should spend 30 SMART minutes on social media every day. I use my 30 minutes  on social media by trying to grow my network. Introducing my brand to new people, checking on my current people and making sure that I make a few new connections each week with people are my social media goals. Social media gives us easy and FREE access to a lot of people and resources.  Be smart about how you use it! So while it is necessary, it is time consuming. OUTSOURCE!


Speaking of networking, be smart about attending networking events! You don’t want to be the person at everyone networking event talking about your business but you have no BUSINESS to show! What are you doing? Every time I go to a networking event I get a new customer or a new lead. Why? How? Because I’m picky and smart about the events I choose to go to. A networking event with 300 people, a DJ and full bar is not the networking event for me. An intimate networking event with about 50 people allows me to really shine and stay focused on my purpose for being there and my networking goals for the event.  I turn my attendance to networking events into a sales tactic that leads me to money. When I follow up with people I turn that in to a way to bring in revenue.

Marketing & Promotion

AUTOMATE! There are ways to automate your marketing and promoting, send emails, grow your email lists and a host of other tasks. Tools like Mailchimp and ConvertKit allow you let your business run smoothly without you having to do anything. This leaves you time to focus on closing your sales and bringing in money! Work on improving and managing your business and marketing processes and watch how much time you will to give to other areas of your business.



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